About QA Valley

QA Valley, Inc. is a software quality assurance provider headquartered in Washington, DC, with satellite offices in the major high technology regions globally, and two large scale test centers / labs specifically configured to engage Software QA Projects across most application areas and hardware platforms.

Since its inception in 2008, QA Valley has been serving technology companies and startups by rigorously testing software prior to general release, or performing ongoing Quality Assurance on mature software that is continuously upgraded to satisfy the ever changing needs of a dynamic business environment.

Software Testing is performed throughout the development process and covering the entire lifecycle of the software.  Testing is performed during coding, alpha, beta, general release, version upgrades, ongoing fixes and patches, and next generation development to replace the software at the end of its useful life.

Software Quality Assurance Testing, as performed by QA Valley, encompasses a well defined and common set of QA Testing Types.  These testing types include, but are not confined to, Destructive, Confirmation, Regression, Functional, Usability, and Compatibility Testing.  These testing types are supplemented with a full complement of Software QA support services including QA Test Planning, Test Case Preparation, QA Project Execution, Result Capture, and Defect Reporting.

Clients that have engaged QA Valley to perform Software QA Testing Services have significantly benefitted on both the business and technology facets of their operations.  Among the areas of benefit and value contribution are: Faster time to market, Shorter development cycles, Low defect metrics, Higher programmer productivity, Lower delivery cost, Longer product lifecycles, Rapid defect resolution, Larger QA team, Broader technical capabilities, and Risk aversion by being able to engage QA Valley engineers when confronted by emergencies.