5 benefits from integrating pen test reports into your SIEM

By Guy Kramer

A penetration test can uncover hidden security vulnerabilities and exposures on your network. It can also help you verify that your prevention and detection controls are working as intended and identify areas you might need to strengthen. Integrating a penetration test's results directly into your SIEM can help enhance the value of the pen test's report in multiple ways.

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A look to the future of software testing

By Eran Kinsbruner

The software industry has changed so much within the past ten years. And while it is hard to predict exactly what the next decade will bring, it will certainly introduce a whole new set of challenges for testing and QA specialists. While they are often still the unsung heroes, the work that QA specialists do is increasingly acknowledged for its contributions to DevOps. At the same time, testing will continue to become endemic across other parts of the software lifecycle process, with fast-evolving tools bringing tests within the reach of many more team members.

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Why Is QA so Important in Executing a DevOps Implementation Strategy?


In a rapidly growing global digital landscape, enterprises are facing many challenges. These include changing customer behavior and the need to be in line with the latest technology trends. To address these challenges and to stay up the competition curve, enterprises are adopting a slew of strategies. These comprise expanding the capacity of processes, quick quality checking and delivery of applications and timely marketing of the applications. This is where DevOps comes as a one-stop solution to the aforementioned requirements.

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Internet Speed Claims: Why You Should Test Your Own

By Gary Audin

Business users working from home and waiting for the wheel to stop spinning should figure out just how fast their connections really are. Did you get the Internet speed you paid for? Most of us don’t know the answer to that question — and that’s an issue given the number of business users, like myself, who work from home. The Internet access speed we experience may be insufficient, especially for high-quality video recording and video conferencing.

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