Intelligent testing

By Ed Hill

In the current climate it can be disheartening for the composites industry when focusing on the downturn in the aerospace sector. However, the industry has witnessed the development of composite technologies spin-off into industries as diverse as automotive, oil & gas and even the medical sector.

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5 key software testability characteristics

By Matt Heusser

How do you design the software components for comprehensive testing? Start with these fundamentals of software testability -- from mocks and stubs to infrastructure-as-code. In software, testability refers to the degree that any module, requirements, subsystem or other component of your architecture can be verified as satisfactory or not.

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Crowdtesting: How to Ensure Quality in Disruptive Times


Entering 2020, digital transformation projects and initiatives dominated tech spending for most companies. But, between a global pandemic and fiscal uncertainty around the world, spending must be shrinking, right? Think again. If anything, the pandemic has created a sense of urgency for many companies, accelerating digital transformation in organizations.

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Anger as government admits test and trace website coding error

By Freddie Whittaker

A coding glitch caused by the government’s “failure” to carry out proper software testing is preventing people from booking Covid tests. There have been widespread reports of people – including school staff and pupils – not being able to book tests via the government’s website, despite claims that local centres still have appointments available.

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Microsoft open-sources fuzzing test framework

By Timothy Chiu

Microsoft is looking to help developers continuously fuzz-test code prior to release, via the open source OneFuzz framework. Described as a self-hosted fuzzing-as-a-service platform, OneFuzz enables developer-driven fuzzing to identify software vulnerabilites during the development process. Source code for OneFuzz is due to arrive on GitHub on September 18.

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