QA Testers: Coding Is Your Must-Have Professional Skill

By Mark Feffer

If you live your life as a QA tester—specifically by testing software packages as they wend their way toward release—you’re probably hearing a lot about the need to double down on your coding skills. Especially as automation takes on a wider role in QA efforts, many an expert has declared that knowing how to code will soon be a requirement for anyone involved in software testing.

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3 ways QA pros can lead quality-driven development in a DevSecOps world

By Stacy Kirk

As companies strengthen their DevSecOps practices, there's a pressing need for quality-driven leaders to drive "shift left" testing. Your entire organization benefits from having testers involved earlier in the development process. There are other advantages, too. Test teams gain a better understanding of the full system under test and participate in improving user stories and design. Automation developers get the time they need to stay on pace with application development, and test cases are more thorough.

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How to overcome IoT performance testing challenges

By Tom Nolle

IoT that interacts with things -- rather than human users -- introduces new challenges in effective testing, but IT pros can use design best practices to ensure applications will scale. Testing applications that don't interact with human users means IT pros must know the difference between human-driven and thing-driven applications.

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How to win at continuous testing

By Richard Jordan

The prize of test automation and continuous testing has always been a much sought after one by organisations, but what exactly is the prize they seek? The prize of Test Automation has always been a much sought after one by organisations and nevermore so with the exponential growth of those organisations wanting to adopt Agile and DevOps practices. But what exactly is that prize they seek?

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Beyond Testing: The Human Element of Application Security

By Sciccone

Companies of every size and in every industry are changing the world with software. From healthcare to agriculture, education, and manufacturing, software is enabling unprecedented advancement and innovation. But if that software is insecure, these innovations may get held up, or worse, put us at risk. And this is a very real concern; our most recent State of Software Security report found that 83 percent of applications had at least one vulnerability on initial scan. In turn, testing the security of software and addressing any security-related defects is a critical undertaking.

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5 things product managers should know about QA

By Christina Cardoza

I remember the cold sweat forming behind my ears the first time a stakeholder asked me, “What’s the Test Plan?” I had no idea. As a new product manager, I had put most of my energy into defining requirements. Without a Quality Assurance team in place, testing became an afterthought – one I didn’t really know how to handle and which frankly gave me a lot of anxiety.

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