Don't put your AI initiatives at risk: Test your AI-infused applications!

By Diego Lo Giudice

Examples of AI gone wrong threaten to discredit the technology’s value. The solution is better testing of AI-infused applications. In March 2018, an Uber self-driving car killed for the first time: It did not recognize a pedestrian crossing the road. COMPAS, a machine-learning-based computer software system assisting judges in 12 courts in the US, was found by ProPublica to have a harmful bias.

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How to develop SIF proof tests

By William (Bill) L. Mostia

Proof testing is an integral part of the maintenance of the safety integrity of our safety instrumented systems (SIS) and safety-related systems (e.g. critical alarms, fire & gas systems, instrumented interlock systems, etc.). A proof test is a periodic test to detect dangerous failures, test safety-related functionality (e.g. reset, bypasses, alarms, diagnostics, manual shutdown, etc.), and ensure the system meets company and external standards. The results of proof testing are also a measure of the effectiveness of the SIS mechanical integrity program and the field reliability of the system.

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Continuous testing in the age of speed for banks


In today’s digital world, banking applications have evolved to become the most complex application in the software development and testing industry. On one hand digital changes are a lot more frequent than earlier, on the other hand, banking technology architectures are increasingly more distributed and complex, encompassing multi layered applications, ESBs as well as cloud, microservices and APIs. They also deploy multiple technologies within business transactions and user interactions.

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Test environment management an obstacle to continuous testing, report finds

By Broadcom

Companies may be shifting testing left, but lack of access to internal services as well as external services can delay testing and cause unnecessary bottlenecks. According to the Sogeti 2019 Continuous Testing report, test environments are one of the biggest bottlenecks to achieving continuous testing. The survey results reveal the inordinate amount of time that organizations spend on test environment management as well as some of the key challenges in this area.

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Tips for Active Path Testing

By Terry Slattery

This technique can provide great visibility into network operations, if you plan accordingly and know how to monitor the results. If you want to know if your business’ network and applications are operating properly, active path testing can answer that question. Active path testing generates synthetic network traffic and measures network characteristics that are critical to application performance.

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5 ways Quality Engineering can streamline your digital transformation

By Oleksandr Maidaniuk

According to a recent study, 92 percent of consumers would stop a relationship with a company after three negative customer service experiences. This means that even if a customer had a sincere connection with a company, they wouldn’t continue that relationship if customer service wasn’t up to par. Most customers interact with companies digitally, leading more and more companies to develop complete digital transformations to meet consumer needs.

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