Software Testing Myths Debunked

By Vijay Khatri

Myths and software testing – it’s an abnormal pairing of words. The field of software development is wrought by information, understanding, and keeping up with the facts. There should be no place for myths and false assumptions. There are, however, a number of software testing myths that have been prevalent for years, and that continues to affect the domain of software testing. Some of these affect how students and newbies in the field view the testing process and its prospects, and others misguide even the professionals working in the software development sector.

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Compuware releases new functionalities for shifting performance testing left

By Jakub Lewkowicz

Compuware is releasing new capabilities that aim to automate shift-left performance testing on the mainframe. The capabilities include a new Jenkins-Strobe integration designed to give developers fast feedback on application performance; and a new REST API for the company’s APM solution Strobe. Additionally, Compuware ISPW, Topaz for Total Test, and Strobe can work together seamlessly in a CI/CD pipeline.

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Why QA is a must before launching any software product

By Malcom Ridgers

As a former developer, I understand why most software engineers would feel like the title of this article is a little too obvious. However, the truth is that companies often misunderstand or underestimate the value of Quality Assurance (QA). It’s common for organisations to shift the process to developers, wait until development is completed, or even bypass it completely.

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By Dan Cagen

While business remains open at Applause, this represents an adjustment period for workers and businesses around the globe. We are mindful that employees and entire departments are adapting to a new daily routine. When you can’t turn around and ask your coworker a question that will help move a project along, or access certain technologies that are available in the office, it becomes a challenge to get work done quickly and competently.

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How do you help test in DevOps?

By Christina Cardoza

The promise of DevOps is that we could deliver more, faster, with no sacrifice in quality. In reality – we see some common blocks to DevOps success. At Broadcom, we address those challenges: we help eliminate the testing bottleneck and bring teams together in a single platform that lets everyone work the way they want to work. Agile teams want to work in their IDEs and command lines. They want to use open source, and they want tools that are seamlessly embedded into the CI/CD pipeline. Traditional testers want to use a UI, and features like scriptless testing.

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