The Place of Manual Testing in DevOps

By Chelsea Frischknecht

With the growing pressure of digital disruption, enterprises find themselves facing the need for speed-and change. DevOps has emerged to enable this change and help speed up time to market and cross-team collaboration. As a result, DevOps has transformed how we test and our daily testing routines. But what does this mean for manual testing? In his recent webinar, "Reality Check: The Role of Manual Testing in DevOps," Ingo Philipp addressed what the future holds for the role of manual testing and UI test automation, and how teams can achieve their required level of testing without slowing down the acceleration initiative.

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How GDPR impacts your software testing

By Wolfgang Platz

Agile development teams can’t ignore the changes that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) bring to software testing. Concepts like compliance and regulations generally don’t resonate very well in the agile community. However, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one regulation that agile development teams can’t afford to ignore—and with fewer than 52 days until it goes into effect (see the countdown clock here), we’re fast approaching the “now or never” point.

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A comprehensive beginner's guide to DevOps for testers

By Matt Heusser

Newcomers to DevOps have a steep learning curve and nowhere more so than in test. Expert Matthew Heusser has a beginner's guide to DevOps and testing. People brand-new to DevOps often come in with a negative bias, particularly when it comes to software testing. Automation is a large part of DevOps for testers, but it does not eliminate the need for humans. What a move to DevOps does mean, though, is that testers must prepare to rethink this classic role. Testers must become risk managers. The testing work will not go away, but who does which job and when will shift.

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Automation test lead discusses software test automation in the banking sector

By Leah Alger

Owusu began his career 7 years ago as an Abode frontend developer after completing his Bsc Computing Degree, before subsequently moving into Java programming. Now he is the test automation lead at a Major UK Bank and the creator of Cordbyte Limited, a company that offers testing and quality assurance services to Major UK banks, who “enjoys writing pieces of code and leading automation testers to solve tricky technical challenges”.

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Top 10 Emerging Software Testing Trends of 2018

By Rishil Bhatt

The Software Testing Industry has witnessed significant evaluation in past few years. It has become mandatory to have assurance of quality before releasing any product. Every year, we get to see new changes in terms of technologies and 2017 was no exception. Microsoft released Open Sourced Visual Studio Test. Sauce Labs released new Appium Desktop which is a graphical front-end for running Appium Server and starting session. Webdriver got W3C Candidate Recommendation and adoption of DepvOps also deserves our attention. The industry is also evolving to uncharted horizons in areas like test automation, performance and security. Mobile Automation is also one of the top trending territory.

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