Ultimate Code QA

Quality Assurance is an indispensable ingredient in the successful delivery of world class software products. QA is front and center in the development process and is generally infused into the overall software engineering lifecycle. QA Valley has recognized the value and importance of melding QA practices with development practices and has demonstrated repeatedly that the timely release of stable software products is only achievable when testing professionals work in parallel with coders.

QA Valley was explicitly created to directly complement development organizations by providing QA processes, activities, techniques, and tools that must parallel design, coding, and delivery tasks. We have been providing quality assurance services to software product companies for over a decade and have accumulated a body of subject matter expertise in QA that is unrivalled by internal QA practitioners and external testing consultancies. Our test engineers are paired with coders resulting in a symbiotic relationship in which both groups function in concert to produce at higher quality levels.

Over the period of time that we have been providing QA Testing Services we have been instrumental in the successful release of over 57 enterprise grade software products, encompassing more than 15 industries, installed in more than 20 countries, and being utilized by over 11 million users, aggregating to 45 Million Lines of Code, delivered in most common languages, databases and hardware platforms including large scale cloud infrastructure systems with global communities of users.  This scale of Software QA Testing has positioned us as a primary choice among software vendors seeking to rapidly expand their user base while maintaining their credibility in saturated software categories and highly competitive industries.

As part of our engagements, we generate and utilize code quality metrics documenting Average Defect Percentage, Defect Classification, Average Release Cycle Timeline, Repeat Incident Frequencies, Production Failures Per Release, Programmer Defect Ratio, and several others. QA Valley collects, analyzes, tracks, and reports on defects uncovered in individual QA Cycles corresponding with product sprints and builds; and interprets trends in behavior and productivity that can influence a culture of higher quality. The end results of our efforts are shorter delivery cycles, fewer production failures, greater product stability, higher customer retention, and increase revenue generation.