Languages Tested

Large scale enterprise systems are frequently developed as an integrated computing application of multiple modules, procedures, services, add ons, and plug ins.  Some of these components may be developed in different languages, compiled, and weaved together as a single product.  The expertise and capacity to test systems based on multiple languages are indispensable to QA large complex business applications such as multi vendor eCommerce, ERP, or CRM systems.  This capability demands significant technical savvy, very experienced engineers, and more sophisticated testing facilities, and is primarily offered by the more mature software quality assurance providers such as QA Valley.

QA Valley has become endowed with unrivalled capability to test software products and systems developed on numerous languages, operating systems, databases, hardware platforms, and cloud services.  We have resultingly become a sought after QA vendor for software developers that demand their products be tested by QA engineers with sound working knowledge of the underlining languages and architecture.  We are also becoming increasingly engaged by smaller software publishers that require their product be validated by engineers with a working knowledge of Java for Android, Swift for iOS, Web Services for Amazon, and other technology permutations.  As shown in the list below, we cover a plethora of languages and platforms.

Java, C, C++, .Net, Html, Python, Xml, Php, Asp, JavaScript, VB, Perl, MySQL, Objective-C, J2ME, J2EE, Ajax, Swift, Angular JS, Express.js, VBScript, Euphoria, Parrot, Etoys, Dialog Control Language, EGL, Ceylon, C-Omega, Caml, Bourne Shell, CHILL, AppleScript, C Shell, Dylan, DIBOL, Alice, Ruby, Object Pascal, Node.js, JScript .NET, Erlang,Clarion, Cobra, Clojure, Clojure, Coffee Script, ECMAScript, Emacs Lisp, COMAL, Eiffel, Object REXX, Transact-SQL, MATLAB, PL/SQL, Scratch, Logo, Lua, Dart, SAS, ABAP, Scala, Mirah, MIVA Script, Mercury, Nemerle, Delphi, Prolog, CMS EXEC, LabVIEW, Paradox, Clipper, Common Lisp, Clojure, Visual Basic .NET.

AutoLISP, Go, Ada, C#, Scheme, Haskell, Groovy, Scheme, MQL4, Apex, Bash, VHDL, Elixir, Occam, Ladder Logic, Rust, Julia, Awk, Objective-J, Erlang, Lisp, APL, CFML, BlitzMax, IDL, OpenEdge ABL, F#, (Visual) FoxPro, XQuery, Fancy, Factor, ActionScript, JADE, R, Haxe, HPL, HyperTalk, Icon, Io, Inform, Intercal, J Sharp, Ioke, JavaFX Script, LotusScript, Object Pascal, RPG (OS/400), jQuery, Fantom, Forth, Gosu, Apps Script.