Mobile Testing

QA Valley is a veteran in the Mobile Testing space, with our presence retroactively dating to 2001 testing mobile systems in legacy platforms such as Palm, Symbian, Blackberry, and Symbol. Today, QA Valley has an established Mobile Test Lab that is equipped with devices from top manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Google, Microsoft; spanning Phones and Tablets in most form factors; covering major operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows; encompassing backwards compatibility operating system versions, and selected unsupported devices retained for premier clients that maintain older generations.

Staffed with over 50 Mobile QA Testers, the QA Valley Mobile Test Lab engage projects of any size, ranging from simple CRM Apps utilized by a handful of sales reps, to large scale online eCommerce apps with several thousands of users dispersed across multiple countries connected through divergent data network carriers. This positions us as uniquely equipped, exceptionally talented, and highly experienced at conducting all facets of Mobile QA. We even embrace the challenges of conducting QA on Apps that run on platforms no longer supported by operating systems vendors and obsolete devices that clients have not yet replaced.

Mobile Systems and Apps in particular have proliferated most facets of the economy both domestically and globally, and these can be found in almost every industry. As a Mobile QA Test Lab, QA Valley continues to test Apps in application areas such as: Augmented Reality, Location Based, GPS, GIS, Biometrics, eCommerce, Law Enforcement, eTicketing, Real Estate, Supply Chain, Sales, Customer Service, Promotion and Gift Cards, and many more. This diversity in application areas has mushroomed our skillset, and enables us to engage QA Projects in all aspects of mobility including newer technologies still in R&D maturity stage.

Prospects that are enthused to engage our Mobile QA services based on our accolades are guided through our flexible contract model. Before any long term commitments, prospects can choose the QA evaluation paradigm where the specific parameters of the QA Cycle is clearly defined, with explicit agreement by QA Valley that if the results of the initial QA Cycle does not satisfy their requirements, then those prospects are not required to pay. QA Valley is truly world class in its capability at planning, engaging, and executing QA Mobile projects, and confidently assumes reasonable risks to convert prospects to lifelong clients.