Case Preparation

The success of QA Testing is greatly influenced by the nature and volume of the test cases that form the basis of the testing cycles. QA Valley allocates a tremendous amount of attention and time to the assimilation of Test Cases, with the ultimate objective being to establish a comprehensive Test Case Repository for each software product or business application. The Test Case Repository contains Test Cases that encompass all possibilities of combinations and permutations in transaction and workflow execution, ensure that all variations in user and system interactions are covered.

The Test Case Repository is not just confined to variations in user and system interactions as these pertain to workflow and transactions, but is extended to include cases for different target configurations spanning Hardware Platforms, Operating Systems, Databases, Form Factors, and variations in Versions and Releases if the software must be backwards and forward compatible. Assimilating this repository is an onerous endeavor that demands planning, formality, and continuous vigilance; combined with subject matter expertise with the business vertical or industry.

QA Valley works with the respective Clients and Users to capitalize on their Domain Specific Knowledge as the Test Case Repository is populated. The dialogue between the QA Valley Test Engineers and Users is a continuous process that occur for every cycle of testing, leading to the incremental growth of the repository. As cycles of QA Testing are executed, the QA Team develops a deeper comprehension of the software product, the business application, and the industry; and this arrangement in turn results in continuous knowledge transfer between the Users and the Testers.

The Test Case Repository becomes a live database of cases that grows with time, an must be kept current with every upgrade to the software product or business application. If the Test Case Repository is not kept current as the software is upgraded, then over time it loses synchronization with the actual behavior and function of the software, which consequently degrades the results produced in future QA Cycles. QA Valley circumvents this situation by allocating QA Testers specifically to keep the repository current with the different versions and releases of the software.