Test Planning

Before the commencement of any QA Testing engagements, QA Valley performs comprehensive Test Planning to formally establish the Timelines, Resources, Dependencies, Phases, Tasks, Activities, Milestones, Deliverables, and many other critical parameters that are the determinants of successful QA Testing. Timelines are pragmatic durations over which formal QA engagements can be effectively executed, resulting in the optimum utility of resources including Human Capital QA Engineers, Software Tools, Hardware Equipment, Network Infrastructure, and Data Bandwidth.

Test Planning is done with the active participation of the key stakeholders, and is spearheaded by the clients’ Project Managers, QA Valley Quality Assurance Project manager, and for larger more sophisticated system, this may include the participation of Users and Testers. Group participation encourages input from all the major stakeholders, which in turn secures accountability from each contributor to a deliverable. This results in plans, schedules, milestones, and deliverables that are openly accepted by the stakeholders, and which in turn improves the probability of success.

QA Test Plans are meticulously followed to ensure QA Testing engagements are conducted in accordance with agreed schedules, meeting expected milestones, and generating the deliverables that objectively report the testing results. In situations where the test results are inconclusive, it may be necessary to repeat test cycles to obtain unambiguous results. These repetitions inevitably lead to missed schedules and engagements overrun, and although every measure is take to prevent these occurrences, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the Test Plans to address these contingencies.

QA Valley works in conjunction with clients in orchestrating QA Test Plans in accordance with the terms and conditions of each engagement contract, and based on the agreed success parameters articulated by those plans. Ongoing QA Engagements generally do not have start and end dates, but may have QA Test Cycles that may be executed for varying durations depending on the size and complexity of the Builds and Sprints being tested. In these cases, Test Plan Templates are made representative of QA Test Cycles, and cycle plans are easily generated from these templates.