QA Tools Installation & Training

QA Valley assists clients in the analysis, identification, comparison, and selection of software tools that can facilitate the Software QA Testing Processes and Cycles. These are optimum matches between the way development is performed within a client’s organization, the management style of the business, project management processes, methods and standards, and technology procurement and spending preferences; and the QA gaps that must be addressed to enhance the productivity of testing teams and QA directors as discovered as part of a comprehensive QA Maturity Assessment engagement.

Following the procurement of the matching tools, QA Valley proceeds to assist in the planning, installation, and rollout of these QA tools employing a deployment scheme that is in concert with other technology initiatives and development priorities. The underlining imperative is to make accessible the QA Tools to QA stakeholders entrusted with delivering defect free software, or those responsible for successful release administration and product management. These tools can be individual installations, shared network resources, or multitenant software that are the domain of disparate development teams.

Training is a critical ingredient to the successful implementation and deployment of QA Productivity Tools, and QA Valley provides the essential guidance and mentoring to complement a successful deployment of these tools. Guidance can be performed remotely and through online sessions with individuals and groups directly affected and those required to apply the newly acquired tools, while mentoring can be performed on an individual or group basis on site at the client’s premise or through dedicated remote sessions and may be supplemented with question and answer periods for shared group experience.

As time progresses, QA Valley returns to client’s facilities to grade the success of the QA Tools deployment initiatives, and to provide further assistance in areas of QA Productivity that may yet be lagging due to inexperience or limited utilization of the Qa Productivity Tools. These visits also serve as opportunities to implement any upgrades to the QA Tools, getting the client current with new releases and changes in practices as driven by the tools upgrade. The objective of these upgrades and site revisits is to confirm that the client is achieving this return on investment, or to make adjustments that safeguard that return.