QA Resources

At QA Valley, we have established an electronic repository of resources that contains the best collection of materials on QA domain that are essential for knowledge gathering efforts. The available resources serve as a ready reckoner and play a pivotal role in enabling the knowledge enhancement efforts for a wide range of individuals ranging from novice users to seasoned software QA professionals. The resource collection comprises of materials that cover all the major aspects of QA that will enable the reader to take up deep-dives into the ocean of knowledge while also offering the requisite resources to comprehend the entire QA landscape. The comprehensive reference materials in the fields of Quality Assurance General Articles, Research papers and Quality Assurance Academic Programs are readily available in the resources section.

QA Valley’s resource repository is a vast collection of information on a wide range of topics that effectively aids and meets its users’ knowledge discovery and acquisition goals. The meticulously developed resource repository covers a wide range of topics that are catalogued under various labels. The listed labels and the corresponding contents are very dynamic and undergo constant update to be in-line with the evolving trends. QA valley’s team keeps a close eye on the evolving trends in the QA domain and ensures that the repository is up-to-date. This process is ongoing, with provisions for archiving, and is carried out by a dedicated team that analyses the artifacts in light of emerging QA trends. When a new practice evolves and gains momentum, it is added to the list of resource labels. QA Valley’s resource centre is regarded as a credible and popular knowledge base among QA professionals as a result of this continuous resource upgrade practice.

The resource centre at QA Valley is the culmination of a carefully organized series of events by a team committed to disseminating knowledge to its direct workers as well as the general public. User feedback is the impetus for QA Valley’s repository upgrade efforts, resulting in the development of an excellent reference infrastructure that supports its users’ knowledge discovery efforts. The credit for maintaining an up-to-date resource repository of different QA topics goes not only to QA Valley’s dedicated team, but also to the reviews and comments received from the readers of the section. The QA Valley team and its users collaborate to create the labels in the repository. Beneficiaries are encouraged to contact us and share their thoughts and suggestions for enhancing the resources section. The representatives of the concerned teams would take the initiative to explore integration options.

QA Resources provides insights on:

QA Testing Types: We have a list of different types of testing involved in the STLC life cycle.

QA Testing Tools: It is a compilation of the tools that help to carry out the various types of

QA Universities: It is list of Universities that provide Software QA Testing Courses.

QA Articles: It is a list of latest QA Articles trending on the internet.

QA Books: It is a list of QA books for Software QA Testing.

QA Events: List of upcoming QA Events in 2018, 2017 and Past QA conferences in 2016.

Blog: These are articles trending at QA Valley right now.