Corporate Presentations

As part of the solicitation and engagement process, prospects and clients are generally navigated through a common set of practices, all addressing a defined number of unknowns and inquiries. To simplify and expedite these onboarding processes a standard corporate presentation is assembled and made available below. The presentation enumerates the profile of QA Valley as a business and as a QA Service Provider, describes our organization, outlines a narrative of our QA skills, engagement models, and pricing. This is followed by a sequence of slides that storyboards our QA Service Capabilities and culminates by outlining systems that we frequently QA.

Visitors will find the following presentation succinct yet complete, that communicates the essentials for decision makers desiring to understand our core competencies and the essentials in contracting us following one of our three engagement models. Visitors who were not able to locate the information required for decision making can freely contact us and we will arrange an online conference, or depending on circumstances an in person meeting can be scheduled for representatives on both sides.