Globalization Testing

Globalization testing is performed by QA Valley by checking whether the software and its functions perform properly in any locale or culture, and is developed with international inputs and steps to effectively make the product truly global.

Globalization testing is also known as G11N is the process of validating the quality and functionality of the software product, while ensuring it offers services suitable for multiple cultures, countries, areas, and geographical regions worldwide. This type of testing establishes the global acceptance of the functionality and features of the software product. This testing assures cultural sensitivity, linguistic appropriateness and global appeal of the software by making certain that the application can run independent of its geographical and cultural environment and thus will cater to the worldwide audience enabling users to access and use them smoothly regardless of their locale.

QA Valley Globalization testing(G11N) team has a robust methodology to QA end-to-end for complete globalization testing. It is implemented during the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC). During the first stage of the process, globalization test areas are identified and the strategy to implement it effectively is planned while monitoring the process. Test cases and Test data are designed for the fulfilmentof globalization test requirements. Test environment setup includes server room with multiple locales, network with distributed mixed network, different storage and retrieval capacities and other software and hardware required for globalization testing.

QA Valley ensures the testing software application’s place in the global market by making the application adaptable to various cultures, locations, environments, languages and time zones. QA Valley teams dedicated and skilled team of career testers, predict quality methodology and makes the product/software ready for the challenges in today’s Global Market. We have a pool of testers from across the world, speaking multiple languages and able to verify translations as well as perform globalization tests. QA Valley warrants to deliver an application with impeccable global user experience by making the application seamless not only on devices but also on geographical boundaries.