Manual Testing

QA Valley testers find defects or bugs in a software program manually using this testing method. Testers at QA Valley play the role of end users and verifies manually that all the features of the application are working correctly.

Manual Testing is checking a software application manually without the aid of automation tools. This is the most primitive and most essential form of software testing involving breaking up the application and understanding the application response under various conditions in order to find any discrepancies in the system. The response of the application is always verified against the expected behaviour. On variation between the expected and actual output found in the application,an issue is raised and logged as a defect, which is rectified. Various manual testing techniques can be used for testing purpose.

Business requirements are understood at the onset of the testing, which helps to know what needs to be tested and what classifies as a defect. Test cases are a sequence of steps for test functions and different scenarios. Once test cases have been drafted, they are reviewed and baselined and test environment is prepared, and the tests are executed on the application under test. Bugsare reported using Bug Logs reports using screenshots, screen recordings, export files, and others attachments. Testing metric is gathered for a high-level report of the functions of the application.

QA Valley provides end to end manual testing services with a base of matured test processes, in- house accelerators and world-class testing experience. Our testing process ensures increased testing coverage, resulting in fewer errors, improved quality of the application and increased business satisfaction. We support the identification of processes in the software application that could be manually tested or could be automated to avoid bottleneck saving money and time. Test Management tools by QA Valley include TestLogde, Test Case Lab, Test Link and Quality Centre (ALM), Excel and Jira to write test scenario, test cases test scripting and bug management.