Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Regression Testing is a mandatory type of testing that QA Valley conducts to ensure that changes and enhancements that have been recently implemented have not adversely affected functions that are known to be fully operational.

Regression Testing, as performed by QA Valley, is a comprehensive cycle of testing that positively establishes that the changes and enhancements recently implemented in an application or system have not affected other areas that were previously known to be free of defects.This is an extensive form of QA Testing that seeks to validate that the original behavior and transactions in a system have not been tarnished by recent changes in coding, and that any defects discovered are as a result of these recent changes and are not present in the original codebase.

As changes in coding are implemented to enhance the behavior of software or to address defects in the baseline code inventory, it is critical that the revised codebase be tested to ensure that known functionality is intact and is not tarnished by recent changes.If defects are inadvertently introduced into the software, and these should go unnoticed for multiple Sprints or Builds, then the quality of the software will degrade over time and may ultimately reach a state of instability that can only be rectified by restoring the codebase to several previous versions.

QA Valley has a dedicated division and formal practice exclusively devoted to performing onetime or ongoing Regression Testing on software Builds and Sprints in readiness for General Release.Builds are made available to our Regression Testing Division, and depending on parameters such as platform, application, industry, and tools QA Engineers are allocated to cycle through a comprehensive matrix of established Test Cases.The software itself is executed to reconfirm that all expected transactions are untarnished and that all Test Cases are satisfied.

Regression Test Case Repositories are created for clients that are lacking in an established assimilation of formal validation test transactions.QA Valley employs numerous tools and industry techniques in assimilating Regression Test Case Repositories.Matrices of all known functions or transactions are assimilated and are mirrored by corresponding Test Cases encompassing all expected logical conditions and behavior.These repositories contain all valid permutations and combinations of software usage and continuously grow as more functions are added.