Usability Testing

Usability Testing

QA Valley performs Usability Testing with a heavy slant towards Human Factors Engineering that permits all aspects of the Human Machine Dialogue to be critically examined. Simplicity and ease of use are the primary objectives.

The number and nature of human interactions required to successfully complete each transaction are decomposed and storyboarded. The variations in input needed to complete a transaction are tested to establish what can be done to minimize intervention, decrease complexity, and elevate learnability.

Systems are tested and evaluated against generally accepted standards in Ergonomics, Graphical User Interface, and Human Machine Interface. Close attention is placed on attributes such as fonts, color schemes, object sizes, relative position and distance, grouping, and type of controls. Depending on the sophistication of the software being tested, QA Valley may evaluate and recommend the implementation of more advanced controls and behaviors such as predictive input options, input auto complete, user behavior retention, and transaction suspension and reactivation.

Usability Testing extends beyond the boundaries of transaction validation by addressing how the transactions are performed as opposed to the results of the transactions. In most cases the observations made in Usability Testing are not defects, failures, or bugs; rather QA Valley’s observations or recommendations suggest different approaches in design, flow, or controls that can significantly simplify the execution of transactions. These suggestions do not influence the result of transactions, but impacts the friendliness of the interface and ultimately the user experience.

Although routine Defect Tracking Software may be used to document the observations and recommendations discovered in Usability Testing, QA Valley utilizes several other tools and techniques to report its findings. These may include, but is not limited to, Graphics Design Software, Diagraming Tools, Screen Storyboarding, Video Capture, and Transaction Event Recording. Usability is subjective and is greatly influenced by factors such as users, language, culture, and geography, and QA Valley has successfully addressed this through its diverse global workforce.