Vulnerability Testing

It is a software testing technique performed by QA Valley to evaluate the quantum of risks involved in the system to reduce the probability by active and passive testing, network and distributed testing, verifying system access etc.

In addition to the standard QA testing services offered by QA Valley, we also provide more than 50 different types of QA testing service offerings that supplement the core QA testing types exhibited on our homepage. These other offerings are selected by clients or recommended by our QA specialists depending on the clients testing requirements. Clients are therefore free to choose one or more testing types that meet their circumstances and technical challenges, for instance, a client may choose Functional Testing but complement this with Accessibility Testing or perhaps Endurance Testing.

During the early stages of software development, multiple testing types can be executed to achieve shorter development cycles and continuous delivery of defect-free products. QA Valley offers testing types such as parallel testing to facilitate concurrent testing of multiple applications or individual subcomponents simultaneously. Other offerings that can help to reduce the testing time during test case execution include Agile testing, Exploratory testing, path testing, basis Path testing, and Loop testing. Combinations of these types can be engaged to expedite the successful delivery of a defect-free product.

Before a client releases the software to the market, QA Valley performs a sequence of prerelease testing types that safeguards a successful release, and these include Functional Testing, Regression Testing, and Beta Testing. However, these prerelease QA types are occasionally supplemented by Acceptance testing, operational testing, API testing, Component testing, Interface testing, Penetration testing, and Smoke testing among many others. These testing types are executed to validate whether the product meets all the functional and non-functional requirements and are ready for general availability.