Sep 07

New quality assurance automation framework solution from Mercer, Exadel collaboration

Software engineering company Exadel and outsourced asset management corporation Mercer have collaborated to build a powerful internal testing tool for improved performance and quality, faster time-to-market and shorter cycle times.

The testing tool, Quality Assurance Automation Framework (QAAF), allows both companies to test Mercer digital solutions efficiently and automatically. The automated tests are incorporated into the entire development process, not just at the end of development sprints.

QAAF uses best-in-class testing tools along with the behavior driven development (BDD) approach and keyword driven development. The framework enables the testing process from requirements gathering through development, testing and release. The low-code approach creates automated test cases.

Test engineers can use the tool to define and create testing steps or popular user actions and verifications included in the framework library. Complex testing scenarios can be created from the testing steps as well. No experience with the underlying platform is needed to create test scenarios. Multiple Manual QAs can be paired with Automation QA for a result that would normally require a team of high-level Automation QAs.

QAAF can produce concise, easy-to-read test cases reusing existing keywords. In this way, Exadel and Mercer can plan an automation strategy before apps are ready. Keywords are not tied to programming language and are handled by a standard library. The test reports can be read without referring to the code, allowing anyone from the project team and technical stakeholders to examine the test.

The companies have also significantly improved performance testing with the BlazeMeter cloud-based testing platform. With BlazeMeter, testers can discover and fix bottlenecks at all stages of software development, enabling DevOps throughout the performance-tuning exercise.

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